What Are The Best Photography Camera For Beginners?

//What Are The Best Photography Camera For Beginners?

What Are The Best Photography Camera For Beginners?

Avid photographers who are looking for a full-creative control over their photographs should consider using photography camera. Such models provide the most advanced feature needed by a novice shooter.

If you are looking for the best digital SLR cameras for beginners, you might want to consider the following model:

Nikon D3300

D300 is the entry-level DSLR from Nikon. Similar to its predecessors, D3300 vaunts its 24Megapizel APS–C sensor. However, this time Nikon has included a low-pass filter to give a crisper-looking images. Apart from this, D300 also includes a restructured kit lens which can be disassembled to save space while in travel. It also offers numerous filter effects and other useful features.

This also comes with a friendly and comprehensive guide mode, making the operation much easier for beginners.

Nikon D5500

Nikon’s D5500 is specifically designed for photographers who want to have a step-up from the budget model but without the complication or expense of higher-end camera. D5500 shares similar 24Megapixel resolution with the other models. What makes this model unique was its side-hinged, fully articulated screen.

Although the GPS featured on its predecessors was gone, the Wi-Fi still remained. This enables users to wirelessly transfer photographs to your smartphone. Its image quality is typically impacted with the kit zoom. However, the live view or the movie autofocusing is noisier and slower than its counterparts.

Nikon D7200

This is the latest upper mid-range version released by Nikon. Successor to D7100, D7200 slots between the D610 and D5500, making it’s the best and highest-end DSLR Nikon. Externally, D7200 is quite identical to D7100. This still comes in a weather-sealed body with 3.2in dot screen, optical viewfinder, 6 fps burst shooting, two SD slots and several ports.

It still features a 24 megapixels of its predecessors but has an improved low light AF, built-in Wi-Fi with an NCF and a bigger buffer. Apart from that, its processor was also enhanced. Further features include 50p or 60p video option, time lapse shooting, 9-frame AEB and better battery life.

Canon EOS 100D/SL1

Canon EOS 100D/SL1 is the lightest and smallest model with APS-sensor. Beginners will have no trouble owning one as for this is usually low-priced. Its size (around 1cm) makes it one of the smallest Canon DSLR. The size, though, does not compromise its composition, connectivity or control. It is even surprisingly comfortable to use and hold.

100D inherits the 1080p video and 18Megapixel resolution of Canon’s recent DSLR. Generally, this little DSLR delivers quality image and video. With its small size and great features, this mini DSLR is simply fun and cool to use. Its price didn’t go far from Nikon’s entry-level DSLR.

Canon EOS 760D

EOS 760D is a solid DSLR which represents a decent step-up over the entry-level models. This gives users the core specification of 24medapixels, 5fts-burst shooting, 19-point AF, 1080 movies, fully-articulated touchscreen and pentamirror viewfinder. But what makes it stands out were the additional features such as the eye sensor, upper-LCD information screen, rear control, digital zoom that comes along with the levelling gauge.

There are lots of DSLR options nowadays. Thus, beginners might find it hard to choose the best DSLR cameras. To narrow down your options and make the quest faster and easier, you can try shopping around in different online and offline stores to find the best deals.


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